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San Fran, Panama,
and Hip Hop

San Fran, Panama,
and Hip Hop

The past few months have been busy to say the least. We got back from Iceland and hit the ground editing (we’re very excited to release that video on May 2nd!!). Aside from all the craziness with post-production from that shoot we also found ourselves in San Fransisco filming ZenHub users and in Panama filming Cobia (a delicious fish). It’s been hectic but it’s a big part of why we love what we do. Below are a few flicks from SF and you can check out the video for ZenHub HERE.


We also had the chance to work on some awesome music videos, which are always a lot of fun because we get so much creative freedom. The most recent one we did was for Canadian bred hip hop artist Madchild featuring Joseph Rose. We made a bunch of lights and basically just had fun setting them up however we pleased. That mixed with some silhouettes of boxing and skateboarding and we ended up with a very cool video. Here are some photos from the shoot. And you can check out the full video HERE.



It’s a busy time of year, which means there’s lots on the horizon including a mini doc, a web series, and of course more music videos. With so much going on we’ll either be posting a ton of updates on the blog or one mega update in about 9 months… 



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